September Update

Posted: September 3, 2022 in Uncategorized

A quick update on what we’ve been doing- Over the course of the last – many years- we have built alot of guitars. We also have alot of leftovers. Body blanks, necks, hardware etc etc…

A few years ago we decided to have a … well, we made a bonfire and burned most of it up. If you follow us at you would have seen magnificent flames with the remains of charred wood. After it was all said and done- I felt a little bad. However- as we go through the rest- we have decided to resurrect…. nay- salvage the island of misfit guitar inventory.

Long story short- we will be offering a few guitars under the “Salvage Series” . These are new/used-/refurbished/repurposed bodies, neck, bridges, hardware etc. The build will be accurately described, and offered at a great price.

Please stay tuned- and thank you for supporting Spawn Guitars.

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Sorry Minions & Vixens- Such a cheesy title for a post. It’s been a while. Currently we are dismantling this site and building a new one that will feature new news, merchandise and of course new guitars.

What have we been doing in the past few years ? Well, besides building very limited guitars- we started a hydrographics business… also known as hydrodipping or water transfer printing. Now we are back and I believe better than ever. For the most current updates (until the new site is up) please check out our

facebook page:

our instagram page: @spawnguitars

We’ve been busy building guitars and making new friendships with new suppliers. So hang in there- we’re doing better than ever – but the best is yet to come.

NEW: Spawn Angel Pictures

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For real this time… Sorry, Shane.
Special thanks to Ms. Amber for her time and to Clayton Brandt for taking some great shots of the… guitars 🙂
Have a look  in the Spawn Girls section for more pictures. (photo blog/spawn girls)