Gibson Settlement- Scary proposition for guitar makers ?

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Custom Electric Guitars, Electric Guitar, Guitar, Uncategorized
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Maybe- maybe not.

Read up on the infamous Gibson lawsuit here : Gibson Guitars Settles .  Although they settled in the end- it’s still unnerving that any instrument or instrument manufacturer could come under certain scrutiny under these laws. If ,in fact,  many of these  woods can not be exported/imported in raw form- how will U.S guitar manufacturers continue building “Made In/Built In” U.S.A instruments based on the current Federal Trade Commission Made in U.S.A  guidelines since many of the tone woods and other guitar manufacturing/building raw materials don’t originate here ?

I’m not a lawyer or a lawmaker- I only understand it as it is written and explained by those who are, and it seems they don’t even understand it, or really care to understand it.  Feel free to chime in- Just keep it clean and professional.


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