Sponsor D-Rock Deeds German Tour

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Our good friend and Spawn Guitars Artist D-Rock Deeds is raising money for his upcoming tour of beautiful Germany.  We are looking for individual sponsors to help out.  We know times are tough- no doubt- so we want to make sure you get something in return for your investment.

Could you at least spare a dollar ? If everyone of D-Rock and Spawn Guitars friends gave just $1.00 he would be well on his way.

So here’s a breakdown of what of you will receive for your donation(s)

$1.00 – Credit/Special Thanks on the Spawn Guitars website as well both Spawn Guitars and D-Rocks social media pages.

$5.00 – All of the above plus a Spawn Guitars pick pack with one pick signed by D-Rock.

$10.00- All of the above plus a Spawn Guitars Skull necklace.

$15.00 – All of the above plus a “special thanks” signed picture of D-Rock

$25.00 – All of the above plus a Spawn Guitars/D-Rock Deeds T-shirt.

We know those aren’t huge amounts.. we want to make it easy for you to help out. Remember any and all sponsorship amounts are acceptable and greatly appreciated.

BUT- if you really want some bang for the buck-

$1,000 – All of the above + A replica of D-Rocks Reaper Prototype #1 Signed by the man himself. You can check out pictures here: Reaper Prototype #1

If you’re on the East Coast D-Rock will personally deliver the guitar to you.

If you want to help click the “sponsor me” button. You can also use your credit card. Please include your correct shipping address. Spawn Guitars will be overseeing the donation account (although the account will say Saint Among Us) so if you have any questions please email us at: info@spawnguitars.com

  1. bootycrewqueen says:

    Best Wishes!

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