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Congratulations to future Spawn Guitars Brood Member Kacy Jones and Asphalt Messiah on their signing a major distribution deal with LRT Entertainment / LRT Music Group and INgrooves/Fontana (Universal Music Group).

“The official signing of the contract with LRT Entertainment / LRT Music Group was delayed due to my father having a heart attack and a stroke shortly after the performance at the Federal Bar. He was hospitalized for several weeks and unexpectedly passed on September due to complications of pancreatic cancer. The past month has been a very trying time and roller coaster of emotions from one extreme to the other. It taught me everything I try to instill in youth of today is still very deep rooted within myself.. Always do what is right first and foremost, everything else will fall into place if it is meant to be. It meant so much to spend the last month of my fathers’ life knowing I had the support of my friends, band members and professional associations supporting me during that time.” Kacy Jones, Founder & Lead Guitarist, Asphalt Messiah.
At this time, we would like to thank the staff of following companies for the musical opportunities afforded to us which led to this enormous opportunity: ReverbNation, Interscope/Aftermath Records and All Indianz Promotions. Your patience and support during this time was top shelf. We look forward to the opportunities and challenges of the future,” Asphalt Messiah.

“Asphalt Messiah will be releasing their single “Let’s Get Dirty 2Nite” January 2013 through LRT. It is an amazing feeling to know so many musical opportunities are presenting themselves to Asphalt Messiah. “Let’s Get Dirty 2Nite” is a refreshing take on a steamy monogamous encounter cleverly fused with antidotes using current digital and social networking terminology. InRage Entertainment is proud to begin its journey with the first single by Asphalt Messiah officially being released through LRT Entertainment”
You can read the full press release here: ASPHALT MESSIAH PRESS RELEASE

Check them out on face book as well- LIKE ASPHALT MESSIAH

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