Welcome to the  Internet Home of Spawn Guitars and Spawn Custom Guitars. This will serve as the “Official” Spawn Guitars website and blog.

We hope this site is more friendly, interactive and enjoyable for you to use.

There is a lot information here on the site including: product information, ordering information, faq’s, photo’s, videos, links, artist updates, polls and  contact forms.

If, for some reason, you don’t see what you’re looking for, or have a question not answered here please let us know~ we enjoy “e-meeting” new people and interacting with our customers.

About Us:

We build custom and stock guitars for all genres of musicians. Our specialty and niche is building guitars that fit the hard rock and heavy metal scene, but that’s not all we do. We build the classic designs as well. Everything has its place.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers who have purchased both stock and custom guitars.

When you’re ready to step into something new, hot and not “off the rack” ~let us know. We’d love to serve you and help make your dream guitar become a reality.

Our saying is “Spawn Guitars: This ain’t yer daddy’s ax” – and it’s the truth.

Check out Spawn Guitars today- stop dreaming and start creating.

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