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Shane from Mercia made us this absolutely amazing video with his Spawn Guitars SS-87FR. Check Mercia out by heading over to their facebook page: MERCIA

They’ll also be on tour- in a city near you… so check that out also.

Now- enjoy the video. If you dig the music make sure get a copy of the disc. You will not be disappointed.

Here is an AWESOME demo sent to us by Kacy of Asphalt Messiah… Sound checking before their latest show and playing his new Spawn Guitars Reaper-XT in carbon fiber finish.


Spawn Guitars would like to officially welcome Kacy Jones of Asphalt Messiah.

We have been working with Kacy for a while- and today he received his dog tag… oh, and the #1 Reaper-XT Carbon Fiber guitar. We are working out the details for Kacy’s custom “Guitar Pimp” signature guitar; and we are definitely  looking forward to a great relationship with Kacy.

Check out Asphalt Messiah on facebook: ASPHALT MESSIAH

And if you’re in the L.A area they have an amazing show tomorrow night- October 20th-  at Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario, California. If you like people hitting people, brutal take downs and vicious knock outs… … Be there. Oh, there’s also a professional MMA event by Submission Promotions. You can find more info here: Asphalt Messiah/Citizens Bank Arena


Congratulations to Spawn Guitars Artist Dan Gutschmidt and Drenalin on the release of their latest CD “Faith in Forever”.  Please check out their facebook page, and make sure you pick up a copy of “Faith in Forever”…


Dan rocking his Spawn Guitars DG CUSTOM –
photo: Ohio Music Scene


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Are you one of the faithful ? Want to show it off  ? Check out our newly designed T-Shirt just in time for fall 2012- “THE MINION” T-shirt.

We also have the design in a brand new LARGE 5.5″x2.15″ sticker !

I know ! I can’t believe it myself.

Want one ? We’ll selling pre-orders this week. Email me at : for more information.

Check out the pictures- Spawn Your Desire !




















Congratulations to future Spawn Guitars Brood Member Kacy Jones and Asphalt Messiah on their signing a major distribution deal with LRT Entertainment / LRT Music Group and INgrooves/Fontana (Universal Music Group).

“The official signing of the contract with LRT Entertainment / LRT Music Group was delayed due to my father having a heart attack and a stroke shortly after the performance at the Federal Bar. He was hospitalized for several weeks and unexpectedly passed on September due to complications of pancreatic cancer. The past month has been a very trying time and roller coaster of emotions from one extreme to the other. It taught me everything I try to instill in youth of today is still very deep rooted within myself.. Always do what is right first and foremost, everything else will fall into place if it is meant to be. It meant so much to spend the last month of my fathers’ life knowing I had the support of my friends, band members and professional associations supporting me during that time.” Kacy Jones, Founder & Lead Guitarist, Asphalt Messiah.
At this time, we would like to thank the staff of following companies for the musical opportunities afforded to us which led to this enormous opportunity: ReverbNation, Interscope/Aftermath Records and All Indianz Promotions. Your patience and support during this time was top shelf. We look forward to the opportunities and challenges of the future,” Asphalt Messiah.

“Asphalt Messiah will be releasing their single “Let’s Get Dirty 2Nite” January 2013 through LRT. It is an amazing feeling to know so many musical opportunities are presenting themselves to Asphalt Messiah. “Let’s Get Dirty 2Nite” is a refreshing take on a steamy monogamous encounter cleverly fused with antidotes using current digital and social networking terminology. InRage Entertainment is proud to begin its journey with the first single by Asphalt Messiah officially being released through LRT Entertainment”
You can read the full press release here: ASPHALT MESSIAH PRESS RELEASE

Check them out on face book as well- LIKE ASPHALT MESSIAH

NEW: Spawn Angel Pictures

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For real this time… Sorry, Shane.
Special thanks to Ms. Amber for her time and to Clayton Brandt for taking some great shots of the… guitars 🙂
Have a look  in the Spawn Girls section for more pictures. (photo blog/spawn girls)

Someones getting a new guitar-

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Who could it be ?

Jimi Anderson is one of Spawn Guitars newest artist. He’s also from Sweden. He recently graduated from M.I.T in Hollywood, and is back in sunny Sweden doing what he does best- Rockin with Trick Bastard.
Recently he did an interview with Ttela Magazine. If you’re fluent in Swedish you will enjoy the article- if you’re not- check it out anyways it’s a pretty cool mag.
JIMI ANDERSON-Ttela Interview

Hurricane Isaac brought more pissing and moaning to us than anything else. Still, the weather sucked for doing anything really productive.

Lance from L.A. Pussycat put together a little jam using a Spawn Guitars SS-87FR to blow the Hurricane off course- The power.

Check out the vid and share it if you dig it-