Unless noted all guitars come standard with: mahogany body, 24 fret neck, rosewood fretboard, gibbous moon inlays, licensed double locking tremolo, Spawn Guitars Logo tuners, strap locks and gig bag.

All guitars can be modified and custom ordered to suit your style and taste.


The SS-87FR MT is Metal to the core. The “faux” diamond plate is light weight, looks tough, and will turn heads . A Killer looking &sounding guitar with a fast playing neck, access heel scoop, Tesla Plasma-Fh1 pickup(s) w/coil split and double locking bridge. MSRP:$762.16-$795.91



Beauty, Performance, power: Everything you want in a guitar. with its’ sleek curves, amazing flame top, and deep rich colors the SS-87FR FMT has it all. A beautiful looking and playing guitar equipped with a single Tesla Plasma-Fh1 pickup w/coil split and licensed double locking tremolo. The ss-87 FMT is in a class of its’ own. MSRP: $995.91-$1027.16 SOLD OUT


The SS-87 Burnt top is a striking guitar. wood binding and A satin flame top with matching headstock is hand rubbed to give the guitar its’ unique appearance. Make a statement with the SS-87 Burnt top.Licensed double locking tremolo , Tesla Plasma-Fh1 pickups and an access heel scoop make this guitar sound as good as it looks. MSRP: $774.66-$799.66 SOLD OUT

This guitar is currently only available in string through model.


The look of a guitar that has paid its’ dues.. The SS-87 Tour Worn is waiting for you to put your own blood, sweat and tears into her…play her at club, take her on tour and wear her out….Tesla Plasma-Fh1 pickups w/coil split ,an access heel scoop and licensed double locking tremolo give this guitar the look that kills and killer tone. MSRP: $755.91-$768.41 SOLD OUT
This guitar is currently only available in string through version.

Direct Price: String Through-$453.24


Stage lights, thumping bass, a roaring crowd… The SS-87 1HB is classic metal guitar. it features all the essential element: a single Tesla Plasma-FH1 pickup, licensed double locking bridge and access heel scoop. The SS-87 1HB holds high the banner of metal. MSRP: $864.66

Direct Price: $475.56 SOLD OUT

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