Become a Spawn Guitars “Minion” by wearing some authentic Spawn Guitars merchandise. We’ll be updating our inventory frequently- so check back often.


Spawn Guitars T-Shirt

We have very limited quantities of these left.  Available in white only.

Currently we only have Medium-

Price: $12.00 SOLD OUT



Limited Edition Dog Tags. Only the first 100 tags are serial numbered.

Made of  quality  steel alloys it looks great and comes with28″ chain.

Price: $14.99


Spawn Guitars Necklace

Spawn Guitars Necklace . Made of quality steel alloys looks great and comes with a 24″ chain. Please specify Red or Black when ordering.

Price: 8.99


Spawn Guitars Picks

Spawn Guitars Medium/Heavy Gauge picks.  Available in packs of 10. Please specify color or mixed color bag.

Price per 10 pack: $2.99


Spawn Guitars Temporary Tattoo

We love ink- and we’re happy to offer a temporary solution- Spawn Guitars Temp Tattoos.  Black ink- 1″x1″ design. Item is sold in packs of 5.

Price per 5 pack: $4.99 SOLD OUT

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