The Winner Is…..

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Congratulations to Julie Cox!  Julie is the winner of the “Name Jimi’s Guitar” contest.  Jimi’s new guitar is named “The Bastard Child”!  It was hard for Jimi to pick from such a list of awesome names!  Some of the notable names were “Mystery” and “Night Kiss”.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest.  Julie will receive a swag bag from Spawn Guitar and Trick Bastard.  Keep watching for new contests in the near future!

NEW Spawn Guitars Angel-

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Just kidding- I thought that would get your attention though.

This is Shane from Mercia. He’s one sexy dude…. We’re working with him on his custom guitar, and preparing him for his entrance into the BROOD.

Check out Mercia HERE- MERCIA NY

Our good friend and Spawn Guitars Artist D-Rock Deeds is raising money for his upcoming tour of beautiful Germany.  We are looking for individual sponsors to help out.  We know times are tough- no doubt- so we want to make sure you get something in return for your investment.

Could you at least spare a dollar ? If everyone of D-Rock and Spawn Guitars friends gave just $1.00 he would be well on his way.

So here’s a breakdown of what of you will receive for your donation(s)

$1.00 – Credit/Special Thanks on the Spawn Guitars website as well both Spawn Guitars and D-Rocks social media pages.

$5.00 – All of the above plus a Spawn Guitars pick pack with one pick signed by D-Rock.

$10.00- All of the above plus a Spawn Guitars Skull necklace.

$15.00 – All of the above plus a “special thanks” signed picture of D-Rock

$25.00 – All of the above plus a Spawn Guitars/D-Rock Deeds T-shirt.

We know those aren’t huge amounts.. we want to make it easy for you to help out. Remember any and all sponsorship amounts are acceptable and greatly appreciated.

BUT- if you really want some bang for the buck-

$1,000 – All of the above + A replica of D-Rocks Reaper Prototype #1 Signed by the man himself. You can check out pictures here: Reaper Prototype #1

If you’re on the East Coast D-Rock will personally deliver the guitar to you.

If you want to help click the “sponsor me” button. You can also use your credit card. Please include your correct shipping address. Spawn Guitars will be overseeing the donation account (although the account will say Saint Among Us) so if you have any questions please email us at:

Maybe- maybe not.

Read up on the infamous Gibson lawsuit here : Gibson Guitars Settles .  Although they settled in the end- it’s still unnerving that any instrument or instrument manufacturer could come under certain scrutiny under these laws. If ,in fact,  many of these  woods can not be exported/imported in raw form- how will U.S guitar manufacturers continue building “Made In/Built In” U.S.A instruments based on the current Federal Trade Commission Made in U.S.A  guidelines since many of the tone woods and other guitar manufacturing/building raw materials don’t originate here ?

I’m not a lawyer or a lawmaker- I only understand it as it is written and explained by those who are, and it seems they don’t even understand it, or really care to understand it.  Feel free to chime in- Just keep it clean and professional.


This is a great article on Guitar World’s site: Eight Steps to Becoming a Legendary Hair Metal Guitarist.

It is funny- mainly because it’s true. My favorite is “every guitar headstock must look like a deadly weapon”….. Read it for yourself.

Check the link here: Eight Steps to Becoming a Legendary Hair Metal Guitarist

CONTEST: Name the Guitar

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Contests. Enter. Win Stuff.

Jimi Anderson of Trick Bastard and Spawn Guitars have teamed up with an amazing contest- Name Jimi’s Guitar. Pretty Simple. All you have to do is fill out the for below and submit it. Jimi will pick the winner.

Begins: NOW

ENDS: August 17, 2012 @ 11:59:59 EST

What do you win ? A grab bag of Trick Bastard and Spawn Guitars swag. Plus- always knowing you will have a permanent place in Rock History.


Battle of the Bands.

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Spawn Guitars has teamed up with Evermore Sound and for the Evermore Sound Battle of the Bands. Over $25,000 in prizes. You read that correctly. $25,000. That is almost unheard of for an independent Battle of the Bands. The competition is fierce- but the payoff is huge. .. And Yes you can win a Spawn Guitar along with other amazing top shelf prizes.
Where is all this going down ? Club 57 West in downtown Orlando.
Check out the video and Find out more information at the official website: EVERMOREBATTLE.COM

A Pedal from the Heavens

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If you’re in the market for an awesome pedal with diversity you definitely want to check into God Box FX. Built by hand right here in the United States.

I personally own the God Complex as well as the Inferno. Both pedals are amazing. Everything from the deepest, dirtiest, dark distortion- to that warm vintage overdrive can be achieved.

A company that cares about quality and truly cares about customers. Check them out.


Daniel John Pepin

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Daniel John Pepin- or DJP- has been with us almost a year now. He’s an awesome well rounded guitarist and a super nice guy. Check out his work with Starlight and the Dying as well as SGT. Pepin.

Dan will be putting on a killer show August 16th at The Social in downtown Orlando for the Evermore Sound/OrlandoBands.Com Battle of the Bands.  If you’re in the area come by and show your support for Dan and the rest of the amazing musicians , and support local music.

Saturdays Show

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The L.A. PussyCat/Wikkid show did not disappoint. A great show by both bands. Special thanks to LA Pussycat and Wikkid for the onstage shout outs- If you get a chance to check these bands out please do. Support local music and YOUR local music scene while we still have quality bands. Pictures will be posted in the photo blog section.