Spawn Guitars Artist

The Brood: Artist endorsing Spawn Guitars

Noun: A breed, species, group, or kind: Spawn Guitars has created a brood of musicians worldwide.

Verb Phrase:  to cover, loom, or seem to fill the atmosphere or scene: The guitarist playing Spawn Guitars brooded above the others .


STEVE COYNE 1 Steve Coyne- Norwalk, Ct

Steve Coyne, the guitarist/songwriter,undeniably makes music from the heart. Whatever he does with his guitar and whenever he pens a song, his whole being is involved.

With more than 20 years of creating music through licks, riffs and shredding, he created tunes that c0me from his years of  academic training at Berklee College of Music, rigorous practice and professional experience. (read more about Steve here:  STEVE COYNE )

We’re glad to have Steve as a member of the Brood. Check out his website and his Blog: The Conspirators Journal


Jimi Anderson- Sweden

Jimi is the newest member of The Brood and our first international endorser. He   hails from Sweden and recently returned to his homeland after attending M.I.T in Hollywood, California.

He also plays in the band “Trick Bastard”. Please check them out here: Bastard Children

We are currently working with Jimi on his custom JMA Executioner as well as upcoming events in Sweden.


Joey Bishop & Raven Blackwell-Tampa, Fl

Joey (vox/guitar) & Raven (bass) are members of L.A. Pussycat- A band best described as “raunch and roll” or “modern sleaze” -Glam-Rock era Hollywood, with a relevant modern edge. Check them out here: L.A. Pussycat

We are super stoked the have them as members of The Brood.

Joey’s Guitar: Executioner-ST

Raven’s Bass: Vortex


Clint Chamber- Orlando, Fl

Based in Orlando, Florida Clint Chambers is the lead guitarist for Anyone’s Guess. Check them out here: Anyone’s Guess
Clint is a great musician, talented lyricist and a super cool guy.
He’s a mainstay in the Orlando music scene, and also hosts Orlando’s Next Big Thing and Rock for Blood charity event.

Clint’s  Guitar:


Tim Knisley- Tampa, Fl

Tim Knisley is a talented guitarist, singer and songwriter. Tim is also one of the best front men in Tampa Music scene with the band WIKKID. Check them out here: WIKKID
Tim’s Guitars: Custom TK Signature Executioner
Black Executioner ST


Dave Seifert- Tampa, Fl

Dave is an outstanding guitarist with amazing chops and tight solo’s. He has played in some of Tampa’s top tiered bands and continues to pave his own way. Check out Dave’s full bio here: Dave Seifert

Dave’s Guitars: Executioner-FR Custom, ST-87FR Custom, SS-87ST


Dan Berger- Clifton, N.Y

Dan is a recent member to The Brood. He is currently playing with Mercia-a melodic heavy metal band that is a very unique combination of elegant and brutal. Crushing grooves and barn burning breakdowns all with a splash of old school. Dual lead harmonies and meaty riffs to intense soul rattleing bass lines. Check them out here: MERCIA

Dan’s guitars: SS-87FR, SS-87FR w/AH3 pickups


Song Moystner- Dale City, Va

Song was the first member of The Brood. He is a shredder. Period .. and has had shared the stage with some of the biggest names in guitar shreddery.. from George Lynch to AkiraTakasaki.

Currently he plays in Twist of Faite and FUZZBOX. Check them out here: Twist of Faite

Songs Guitars: SS-87 Bulls Eye (1st Gen), Vanquish Hollowbody (Prototype), SM Custom, 2 SS-87FR


Jimi Forrest- Dale City, Va

Jimi has Over 20 years experience in studio recording, live performance and professional guitar instruction.  He has also played with, recorded with and worked for many musicians on the local, national and international level.  Guitar technician experience includes setting up, customizing and maintenance of guitars for virtuosos Tony MacAlpine and Michael Fath among others. Check Jimi out Here: JIMI FORREST

Jimi’s Guitars: SS-87FR, SS-87ST Marble Splatter Custom


D-Rock Deeds- Manassas, Va

D-Rock is one the hardest working musicians on the planet.  He’s down to earth, humble, laid back and an amazing guitarist and frontman.

Along with fronting Not Liable he also plays guitar for Nina Martinez and he  is currently preparing to take over Europe with his first tour of Germany in August 2012. Check out D-Rock here: D-Rock Deeds

D-Rock’s Guitars: Reaper-XTFR (Prototype), SS-87FR, Vanquish-FR (semi-hollow)


Bill Carpenter- Shreve, Ohio

Bill has been a member of The Brood for some years now touring coast to coast with Modern Superstar and has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Glam Rock history including coveted slot in the M3 Festival.

Check Modern Superstar out here: MSS

Bill’s Guitars: SS-87FR BioSplatter #1, BioSplatter #2, BioSplatter Signature Model.


Danny Watts- Dale City, Va

A member of The Brood for over 2 years Danny is an accomplished guitarist who has toured the world over with various rock and metal outfits.

He’s as crazy as any Rock Star – but he waves the Spawn Guitars Banner loud and proud ! He loves his Spawn Guitars so much he even got the logo inked on his arm.. Now THAT is commitment !

Danny’s Guitars:  Executioner-FR (Prototype), Executioner-FR


Eli Chandler- Sin City, USA

Eli is a born shredder, a lyrical genius and writes some of the catchiest hooks.

Former lead guitarist and front man for Stained Angel he currently  resides in Las Vegas and plays lead/rhythm guitar for the all new First Class Trash. Check them out here: First Class Trash

Eli’s Guitars: S/A Custom Executioner, S/A Custom Vanquish


Daniel John Pepin- Auburndale, Fl

Daniel John Pepin hails from New England, but he's found a home among The Brood.

He is a speed freak and will literally shred a guitar into a toothpick.. Currently he fronts Starlight and the Dying - atmospheric Alt Rock with songs spanning the genre's of Rock, Psychedelic Pop, and sometimes bordering on prog rock; as well as Sgt. Pepin- a band that Set out to" immitate" never" emulate" the songs/artists they pay homage to. Check out both of DJP's bands here: Let Down Music   Sgt. Pepin

Dan's Guitars: SS-87ST, ST-87FR Holoflash

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