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Holy smokes. What a month and a half. So many good things too mention. We’ve made a few killer guitars- met a lot of great people.

Leading up to the holiday vacation we were treated to an amazing show at the State Theatre in Saint Pete on Friday night. J-Rock was an awesome host – allowing to use the venue to shoot some guitars with our newest Spawn Guitars Angel -Joline. I can’t say thanks enough. Then we hung out with Luv Dogz- wherever they are there is always a party… and they make everyone feel like part of the crew. Raven played his Vortex bass and killed it ! Lance played – for the first time ever on stage  the newest addition to the Spawn Guitars line up- The Menace Prototype. He gave it a work out- and a thumbs up. Thanks to LuvDogz for their support of Spawn Guitars. And thanks to an awesome start to our “extended” weekend.  Please check out both on

Sunday – our boys from Mercia were in Orlando for a scheduled show on the Divine Strength Tour. Let’s just say we (my dad and I ) drove a 2 hour drive in an hour 15 just to find out the venue pulled the plug on the show. Talk about bummed out … It was this guy. Got to hang out for a while- and made plans to hang out with Mercia and a band I had not really heard of Truth & Its Burden from South Africa. After meeting a few members of the band- I was looking forward to getting to know them more..

Monday- Our good friend Chris Short- owner of Alpaca Studios– and I planned out a little get together at his studio hosting both Mercia and Truth & Its Burden. A special thanks to my awesome dad and Spawn Guitars Co-Owner for providing the grub and beer—— Food- Beer- Music. After chowing down on samiches, getting started on the beer, playing video games, Thunderstruck (which I shall have no part of thank you very much), Buffalo, and general “hanging out”… Chris brought out a live mic and some amps-and Mercia took “the floor”… I’ve been waiting to see these guys for almost a year now. I can say this- they did not disappoint. Even though we were the only ones in the studio- they played like it was an arena.The music was tight and the night was young… It was a a great start to a great night… After they finished their set- Truth & Its Burden set up… I’d never heard them- but just being around them made me an instant fan.. After hearing them… a fan for life. They ripped through an amazing set of songs- and like Mercia Truth & Its Burden were tight and delivered the goods. Whether playing for 10 or 10,000 these bands put out %100 wherever. After the final song- it was off for 2 more cases w/ Freddy from F.I.L.T.H– and more hanging out…  A special thanks to Chris Short at Alpaca for hosting us and making the night amazing. Around 2AM everyone packed it up and the bands followed us the 2 hour drive to our home- where they immediately crashed.

Tuesday- AM- The guys and gals woke up and made the short drive to my sis’s house where her husband had whooped up a breakfast to feed a small army. Something I think we all needed after Monday night- Special thanks to them for opening up the kitchen on such short notice. It was better than any joint in this town… The bands hung out a while and traded turns showering between the two houses. Small Army remember ?

Tuesday- PM- Everyone lounged around and caught up on some much deserved sleep. Ashley from Truth & Its Burden fixed their tour van and went with my dad to get the tires fixed. I set up a Spawn Guitars “Paladin” for Andrew AKA Dan Hammet  and set up the same Menace Prototype for Shane of Mercia to play the duration of the tour. In the middle of doing all of that- everyone found time to hang out, swap stories and get to know our family. After the final loads of laundry were dried- and the sun began to set… Our family, Mercia and Truth & Its Burden said our goodbyes (sniff sniff)

I have to say this- Mercia and Truth & Its Burden are no joke. They’re amazing bands- and they are absolutely amazing people. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them again. If you get a chance to see them… Or even host them… Do it. You won’t regret it.

And that’s about sums it up. LuvDogz, J-Rock, Chris Short,Mercia, Truth& Its Burden-  Amazing people, good times, relationships built- memories made. Definitely the highlight of my year….. so far ;)-